Translation and Language services

Translation and Interpreting

We have a dedicated staff covering all major langauges with attention to detail that covers legal, technical and creative projects.

Clients include Kinder, Ikea, China Accent, UNHCR, Financial Times and Consorzio Parmigiano Reggiano.

Our staff are qualified and experts in their field.

For rates and information contact:

Language teaching

CreActive Learning is all about finding ways of reversing the decline of creativity within ourselves and society.  Why? Because creativity is the key to personal success… the most unemployable of us are creative degree holders,  especially emanating from the fine arts.

Astonishing that 98% of children by the age of 3 yrs show genius levels of lateral thinking or convergence – a trend that is reversed absolutely by the age of 30.

The learning programs introduced here rely firstly on an ideas based study of what the subject is about.

English Language? What is it today? How has it changed recently?  What are its component parts? What is the real learning priority?

Nick Garrett



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