Kinetic Learnin Case Studies: Feel the Dream Project

Case Studies

Feel the Dream Project

Matched transition programme for
Hartlepool LEA

Project Background: The Feel the Dream project is based on the key principles developed from the ‘Visions and Dreams’ Summer school created by Ruth Chalkley in 2001 for East Middlesborough EAZ for Able Introverted’ pupils. Feel the Dream in Hartlepoollooks at whether the success from this summer school can be replicated in any other authority and with different individuals, with the focus shifting from looking at catering for pupils preferred learning styles to supporting the needs of kinesthetic learners. Target pupils were tracked in the final term of their primary school and into their first year in secondary through a variety of OOH activities including summer activity (summer activity funded out of Hartlepool LEA standards fund).

Project Focus:

To create a ‘matched transition curriculum’ through out of hours activities at Y6 and Y7 along with the summer school curriculum.

Impact of Primary Lead up sessions

Quotes from pupils and tutors

“As an adult learner and teacher, I’ve been made more aware of how I relate to all three areas of accelerated learning. It has made me think about my teaching and how I can access each child’s learning style in my lessons. I’ve found that the children who are auditory enjoy music, stories, watching films and chatting. Those who are kinaesthetic enjoy drama, P.E., science, D.T. etc.” Tutor

“It has made me also realise that when recording work, the children need some structure but also need independence to express ideas in their preferred style. This became apparent when children were asked to do a presentation about themselves and the auditory learners did a tape, the kinaesthetic created a book.” Tutor

“I learnt that doing things with your own hands is better, rather than watch somebody else do it and tell you about it and how it feels.” Pupil

“I liked the words scattered all over the board because it puts a little spring into the work.” Pupil


No. pupils 1 2 3 4 5

SAT level achieved 8

“It was lovely to see the class working and sharing together so actively. I was amazed by the positive comments I heard while the children were writing on large pieces of paper. It seemed to make a huge difference to them.” Tutor

“All the children have said how much they have enjoyed the various activities over the last 6 weeks. The best bits for me have been the social opportunities getting to know the children and learn about their interests outside school. It’s also been nice to have so many creative opportunities that never seem to fit into the ordinary school day…..overall a wonderful experience for us all” Tutor

“On a personal note, I myself have enjoyed myself immensely, could that be because I am a kinaesthetic?” Tutor

Summer Activity

A week long learning experience for Y 6 pupils transferring to Brierton School Aims 5 pupils from each feeder primary who had been identified as having strong kinaesthetic learning tendencies and were transferring to Brierton school were taken forward from the primary out of hours sessions to attend at week long learning experience in the summer holidays. The summer activities aimed to assist students in further exploring their learning styles and to prepare them for transition to Brierton in the new school year (see Appendix 3 for thinking behind the summer activity and OOH models).


The summer activity programme was delivered by a range of staff from both feeder primaries and Brierton school. Activities took place both at Briertonschool to work towards helping students in their transition in the new year and at Summerhill. Summerhill is a 100 acre council owned site on the edge of Hartlepool offering outdoor educational pursuits, an ideal setting for kinaesthetic learners (for summer activity framework see Appendix 3)

Activities looked closely at the needs of kinaesthetic pupils, working with them to both round out their needs as learners and to specifically structure their learning to take account of their hands on, emotive needs.

The summer activity consolidated and brought forward the learning that had taken place in the primary lead up sessions.9

Target pupils 5 pupils from each feeder primary who were identified by their own school as having strong kinaesthetic learning tendencies.

Impact of Summer School

Quotes from pupils and tutors

“What I want to be when I grow up is a designer because this week I have felt well making group decisions and how we are going to make things….” Pupil

“I surprised my self in doing a dance in front of an audience. I wouldn’t even dance at the school disco. I think this has helped to stop me being shy” Pupil

“ I have surprised myself in doing the masks…it made me feel good inmyself…..I’ve learned that if I get on task I am well behaved”Pupil

“I love doing dance because it is really enjoyable. Doing dance makes me feel like a different person….I want to be a footballer…I leant how to be a team…work is really hard in class…I thought dance would be a challenge but it was really easy…” Pupil

“ I learn more by doing stuff not listening. I have surprised myself that I didn’t get restless because when I listen I can’t keep still. It was really fun today but hard because I couldn’t draw on my plate . I tried and I succeeded. My picture isn’t perfect but I tried. I felt good doing this because I learnt a lot” Pupil

“ The thing that sticks in my mind is Matt and Daniel dancing and really enjoying it and letting all their shyness float away into mid-air and letting the group get to know them more” Tutor

“This really suited me because I learnt because we were touching things and listening I learn better when I touch things…When the Romans came I felt sick because they were talking about blood and guts….I think today has been fantastic because of all our art work and people’s dances” Pupil