Break Down Learning Barriers With Smash Party

Break Down Learning Barriers With Smash Party

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Edinburgh, Scotland — Independent game developer TigerFace Games will release collaborative multiplayer title Smash Party on iPad on August 23.

Smash Party is a game for four players aged 4+, based around the concept of collaborating and working together to tackle questions on maths, spelling and vocabulary. Played on a single tablet device, players gather around each side and are allocated an area of the screen which either displays the question they are to ask their fellow players or the potential answers they are given.

Taking turns to ask questions, each player must work together to come up with the answer and, in doing so, are encouraged to explain their thinking in a confident manner and improve both problem solving and social skills. At the end of each round, players are rewarded with colourful and noisy celebrations, ranging from whack-a-mole challenges through to sparkling star trails which can be scattered across the screen.

Smash Party offers up four different topics, each one distinct but covering an area of either maths or literacy. Smash Sums tackles mental arithmetic and Missing Numbers targets number patterns, whilst Missing Letters is a spelling challenge and Rhyming Words tackles vocabulary and verbal pronunciation.

Each game mode is playable across four difficulty settings, and a Time Attack mode allows every game and difficulty to be played against the clock, bringing extra challenge. Ideal for playing in the classroom or at home with friends, Smash Party delivers tons of challenge across a massive variety of subjects and a wide span of questions in each.

Smash Party is released on iPad on August 23.


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