Detached Youth Work

image depicting Picture of Detached Youth Workers

Detached Youth Work describes a style of working with young people and should be considered as an integral part of the spectrum of services to young people.

Detached Youth Work is carried out on the streets and in public places working with young people, whose participation is voluntary, on their ‘home ground’, mostly on their terms, although the primary role is educational. Leading factors are Young People lead the work, set the agenda, identify the issue and work in their own environment.

Detached Youth Work enables young people who do not participate in existing services to have access to social education and the variety of opportunities, experiences and resources that can bring.  Detached Youth Workers work in unconfined spaces without any claim to authority over the people they meet. Thus the need for clear aims and guidelines is fundamental to the work, as is the need for clear professional boundaries.

Detached Youth Work programmes start with the needs and interests of young people and go on to develop educational opportunities and access to services for young people who would otherwise miss out. The programmes are designed to stimulate, challenge and empower young people, to help them look at new options and make informed choices within their lives.


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