creActive Learning

At the basis of our work lies love and respect for art, culture and creativity. Our aim is to awaken, strengthen and nurture this love in young people.

Everybody can enjoy the experience of dramatic art without the need or desire to extend that experience into public performance and everybody can appreciate its incredible educational and “therapeutic” values.

Theatre is not only performance.

The process of acting training can be a fantastic way to get to know oneself better and to learn to face life in a creative way. The introduction of theatre in the school operates within the framework of a new pedagogy, which no longer perceives education as a mere intellectual and rational accumulation of notions and knowledge. There is an increasing understanding that there are different kinds of intelligence and that the path of learning should be a complete, organic and “holistic” education of body, mind and spirit.

A method of education that appeals to the person as a whole is certainly more effective. The “game dimension” experienced through drama activities is a fertile ground for the learning process.

“Play is democratic! Anyone can play! Anyone can learn through playing! Play touches and stimulates vitality, awakening the whole person – mind and body, intelligence and creativity, spontaneity and intuition…The intuition, most vital to learning, is most often neglected… The intuitive can only be felt in the moment of spontaneity, the moment when we are freed to relate and act, involving ourselves in the moving, changing world around us… Intuition bypasses the intellect, the mind, the memory, the known. Using intuition cannot be taught. One must be tripped on to it” (Viola Spolin)
All this applies equally well to learning a foreign language.


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